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The sun may be hiding today but it's still warm and with hopefully more days like yesterday still to happen please be aware of some of the issues when the temperatures rise.

HEAT EXHAUSTION - Caused be excessive sweating
Symptoms - Dizziness, headache, cramps, excessive sweating, faster breathing
Treatment - Bring person to cool shaded area, lie them down and raise the feet, provide sips of water

HEAT STROKE - Over exposure to the sun or lack of fluids
Symptoms - Dizziness, headache, rapid pulse, the skin will be hot to touch and red/flushed, as it worsens they will become disorientated and confused
Treatment - CALL 999/112, remove as much clothing as appropriate, remove patient to a cool place, wrap patient in a wet cold sheet or sponge down if no sheet available. Do this until temperature returns to normal but repeat if temperature start to rise again. Continue until help arrives.

FAINTING - Can be caused by being too hot
Treatment - Lie patient down, loosen tight clothing, raise their legs, get everybody back as you open windows and doors to increase fresh air to patient, allow them to sit up as they improve.

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