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With summer here hopefully the sun isn't far behind. However with the increased heat even without the sun the risk of dehydration can also increase. This can be due to illness, temperatures, lack of fluids or over exertion in heat.

1. Tiredness
2. Sunken eyes
3. Dry lips, mouth or flaky skin
4. Skin has no elasticity and when pinched goes slowly back to position
5. Dark concentrated urine passed in small amounts or no urine
6. Sunken fontanella (BABIES under one)

1. If breastfeeding continue to give breast milk
2. If you aren't breastfeeding give oral electrolyte rehydrating solution available over the counter in the chemist
3. If they won't take the solution flat 7-up (not diet) can be used, dilute orange, cool pops, ice pops, ice cubes
4. If your child is vomiting as well as diarrhoea give small amounts regularly. This can be as little as 5mls every 5 minutes and if they are holding that down you can then increase it gradually to 10mls every 10 minutes and so on.
5. A syringe can make getting small amounts of fluid into children slightly easier and is available from your chemist or ice lollies
6. Treat any temperature with paracetamol or ibuprofen. These may need to be given in suppository form if your child is vomiting.

1. If you are unable to get the minimum 5ml per 5 mins into the patient
2. If the child is not improving with fluids
3. If the child is getting worse or becoming unresponsive

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