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FOLLOW ALL WATER SAFETY GUIDELINES WHEN AROUND WATER Check out the attached poster to know what to look out for when somebody is drowning. It may not be what you expect. Children make noise while playing in the water, if they are quite find out why. If somebody is drowning follow the following Irish Water Safety guidelines. VOICE Seek help by shouting HELP Call 999/112 and ask for MARINE RESCUE Talk to the casualty in a calm manner and try to direct them to safety if no rescue equipment available REACH If that fails use something like a branch of...

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With the summer holidays well and truly underway a few people have asked me what to do when sand, suncream, dirt or other objects get in the children's eyes and how best to deal with it. Signs of something in the eye 1. Sensation of something in the eye 2. Pain or itch in the eye 3. Redness and watering eye 4. Vision problems What to do 1. Try to get child to stop rubbing the eye 2. Flush the eye out with sterile water in an eye pod from your first aid kit, using the cool running tap water...

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The sun may be hiding today but it's still warm and with hopefully more days like yesterday still to happen please be aware of some of the issues when the temperatures rise. HEAT EXHAUSTION - Caused be excessive sweating Symptoms - Dizziness, headache, cramps, excessive sweating, faster breathing Treatment - Bring person to cool shaded area, lie them down and raise the feet, provide sips of water HEAT STROKE - Over exposure to the sun or lack of fluids Symptoms - Dizziness, headache, rapid pulse, the skin will be hot to touch and red/flushed, as it worsens they will become...

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With summer here hopefully the sun isn't far behind. However with the increased heat even without the sun the risk of dehydration can also increase. This can be due to illness, temperatures, lack of fluids or over exertion in heat. SYMPTOMS 1. Tiredness 2. Sunken eyes 3. Dry lips, mouth or flaky skin 4. Skin has no elasticity and when pinched goes slowly back to position 5. Dark concentrated urine passed in small amounts or no urine 6. Sunken fontanella (BABIES under one) TREATMENT 1. If breastfeeding continue to give breast milk 2. If you aren't breastfeeding give oral electrolyte...

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Giant Hogweed is a large plant found by rivers in Ireland. It is not that common and is often mixed up with common hogweed but the sap is highly dangerous of giant hogweed so it should be avoided. RECOGNIZING THE PLANT 1. GIANT - Grows over 4 metres before flowering COMMON - Grows max 2 - 3 metres 2. GIANT - Grows mostly beside fresh water (river or streams) COMMON - Grows mostly on roadsides but almost anywhere 3. GIANT - 50 or more stems to flower COMMON - 20 stems to flower 4. GIANT - Smooth stem and smooth...

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